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Pitch Deck Template

  • Are you a start-up founder looking for investors?
  • Want to present all the necessary information in a structured way?
  • Want to impress angel investors and venture capitalists?

Then this is the PowerPoint Template you need

Why a Pitch Deck Template?

Attracting investors to your start-up is a challenging task. You only have one chance to make a
make a positive impression, and in this, the pitch deck plays an important role.

The best Dutch VCs contributed to the creation of this template, including: Carbon Equity, CuriosityVC, Healthy Capital, Rubio Impact Ventures, Slingshot Ventures and Standard Investment as well as successful founders (Quinten Selhorst and Remco Hofstede).

What makes this Pitch Deck Template unique

1. Complete and purposeful
This pitch deck template will help you identify what information to present. The format includes
all essential components.

2. Clear structure
The Pitch Deck Template guides you in structuring your story in a logical and compelling way
way. It ensures that your information is arranged in the right way, allowing investors to
easily identify why there is music in your start-up.

3. Professional appearance
The template has a clean design, making your pitch deck look professional and attractive. Your
can rely on both content and visual impact to leave a lasting impression with
your potential investors.

4. Saves time
No more fussing about creating your own pitch deck from scratch. With the Pitch Deck Template, you can
Save valuable time so you can focus on growing your startup

Pitch deck parts

The template includes all the components you would expect in a pitch deck, such as:

  • Problem & Solution: Show that you understand your target market’s pain and offer a solution
  • Market potential: Substantiate market potential with facts and figures
  • Business Model: Show how you make money and how you plan to grow
  • Traction: show your successes to date, such as customers, sales and milestones
  • Team: Present your team members and their relevant experience
  • Financials: Provide insight into the financial forecast with compelling data

Pitch deck - content

Take advantage of the Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template today!

Invest in your success by using the Pitch Deck Template to achieve your funding goals.
This format (written in English) will increase your chances of attracting angel investors and venture
capitalists significantly.

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and take the first step toward securing
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Reviews about the PowerPoint Template

Super waardevolle PPT template

Dit format helpt een ondernemer die geld wil ophalen enorm! Ook de aanvullende tips & resources zijn erg nuttig. Het template heeft een moderne look-and-feel, niet onbelangrijk.

Heel nuttig voor founders

Het template ziet er goed uit en is zeer bruikbaar
Author: Geert-Jan Smits
Sheets: 46
Utvoering: PowerPoint (UK)

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About the author

Geert-Jan Smits has founded several companies himself. As an investor and consultant, he then gained much knowledge and experience on the other side of the table. Smits has a large network in the start-up and investor world and is an experienced speaker.