The book

The start-up scorecard

The secret of successful start-ups unraveled

Why does one start-up grow into a billion-dollar company while the other fails? This book describes the success factors that determine whether there is music in a start-up.

Based on the four dimensions of purpose, profit, people and product, you can use the scorecard to calculate whether a company excels in terms of growth, profitability and social impact. You can immediately see whether a
start-up successful or doomed to failure.

With the start-up scorecard, you get:

The Startup Scorecard is an indispensable standard work for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Entrepreneurs can use the scorecard to increase their success and attractiveness to investors. Investors can use the scorecard to select companies with the most potential.

In addition, benefit from all the insights from interviews with top Dutch entrepreneurs and investors.

Readers' Reviews

Zoveel nuttige info, well done!

Tommy Hurley, founder Shamrock Ventures
Ik heb jouw boek eens rustig helemaal uitgelezen de laatste weken. Erg van genoten - zoveel nuttige info. Well ...

Boek de start-upscorecard is een uitstekend contrast

Tom Peeters, co-founder en CEO van Crisp
Geert-Jan vormt met zijn boek de start-upscorecard een uitstekend contrast, dat ik van harte aanbeveel. Het is ...
Author: Geert-Jan Smits
ISBN: 9789461265456
Pages: 320
Publisher: Haystack
Implementation: paperback

Read interviews with entrepreneurs and investors

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Managing Partner Healthy.Capital

Heleen Dura van Oord

Entrepreneur and investor

Marco Aarnink


Josefien Groot

Co-founder Qlayers

About the author

Geert-Jan Smits has founded several companies himself. As an investor and consultant, he then gained much knowledge and experience on the other side of the table. Smits has a large network in the start-up and investor world and is an experienced speaker.